Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Aliya Malick Desire Too Study Abroad

Pakistani culture is enrich in traditions and has its deep roots in the history of this region and certainly, it stands alone in recognition. Pakistani people and society is the unique pattern of belief, ideas, values highly influenced by religion Islam. Islam is not only merely a set of beliefs but also complete code of life. Malik student of international school system living in Islamabad near Margalla hills. The cities in Pakistan are a little old fashioned and traditional. But Islamabad is different. It is the capital city and the most modern and clean city in Pakistan. The city is well organized and the entire city has been divided into various zones and sectors. There are eight sectors in the city. They have names like the commercial district, the industrial area, the diplomatic enclave, the educational sector and so on. Each of these sectors has their own shopping areas and a park to. In Margalla hills there is plenty of wild life and thus the place has been converted into a national park. There are exotic birds and wild animals too.


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